The financial activity of MegaTron-MTR is based on the release of a new MTR token. One of the strengths of @ MegaTron01010 is their ability to fund their operations by selling the token either separately or by listing it on leading exchanges. The token is listed for trading on latoken, p2pb2b, justswap and coinsbit exchanges. Trading began in January 2021. It is useful to consider the nature of the company and their finances in more detail

In general, the company finances its activities in three different ways.
First, a significant part of the funds comes from internal sources — from the retained earnings of MegaTron MTR
Second, like individuals and non-corporate firms, a company can borrow from financial institutions.
Thirdly, at the same time, only they can issue ordinary MTR tokens and implement both private sale and placing on trades on exchanges

The sale of tokens is carried out — directly.
All information collected on the official website of the company


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The company actively advertises on social networks such as
medium: https: //

Let’s analyze the risk inherent in the MTR token. But this does not mean that the purchase of a token is not associated with risk. The market value of a token can fluctuate depending on the financial condition of the company on the exchanges. If the company faces economic difficulties that threaten the financial integrity of the company, the market value of the token may not drop significantly in value. Is it worth selling the purchased tokens immediately if you can get only a small profit justifying the contribution. It is worth holding back not in a hurry, you need to have free funds at this moment you need to shop. With changes in rates on the exchange, in particular, it will lead to a stabilization of the token rate and an increase. TRON TRX, the main coin of the MTR token itself, uses a decentralized cryptocurrency based on TRC20. Latest Financials 26.01.2021 TRX / USD — TRON US Dollar 0.029820 +0.000100 + 0.34% Exchange p2pb2b MTR Token Details Start Time of Token Sale
January 15, 2021, 09:00 (UTC + 0)
Token sale end time
January 30, 2021, 09:00 (UTC + 0)
Supply tokens for a session
Minimum purchase amount
1000 MTR price is given
BTC — 0.00134
ETH — 0.049
US Dollar — 31
What is the functional distribution of income from the availability of purchased tokens? At the initial price, the token did not significantly rise in price and there was a high spurt for a short time, a high increase and decrease in price, which is shown by the course graph. This itself speaks of the stabilization of the token rate in the real price. As soon as the course goes to increase, we will receive personal income from the holder of the MTR token directly. We use the MTR token through the TRON TRX address. This also directly links the tokens themselves and the price is directly the same in an insignificant rate. The last indicators show on world exchanges a large transaction in the TRX network ( TRC-20 tokens) which is higher than others such as in the ETH network (ERC-20 tokens). A large inflow of capital will give an impetus to the growth of the token rate and we will make a profit even by making purchases at the real price. Make a profit, join the company and make investments.

A brief overview of the MegaTron-MTR project was prepared by the Bitcoin forum member Talk Leocaspis;u=2887883.
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TRX address: TD2FqruHpseN7BYY13yXq3NDuGs6jQcHJZ



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