MoniBooks -economic prospects of the company.

1. What is the investment product? How does the company help to earn money?

MoniBooks (MNBKS) is a platform built for cooperative farming based on defi. The company has launched a new product — the MNBKS token. Very favorable conditions have been created for investment and prospects for the development of the project, entering new trading platforms to conquer the global Internet space for trading tokens. MNBKS token. is an investment for all interested users. The company provides income to its investors by distributing rewards among users according to the number of tokens provided and the storage time of tokens on the betting platform. Directly, the MoniBooks platform allows you to use the MNBKS token for betting, farming, rewarding, voting and management. The company supports its clients and is the guarantor of their investments. The company pays a fixed percentage on the assets of the registered user. MNBKS tokens will be transferred to the community of people who place bets on their tokens. A very convenient post mining program that is provided on the platform is:
USDC-ETH UNI-V2 LP deposit
Earnings on mining directly in the company of their token.

Name: MoniBooks Token
Type: ERC20
Symbol: MNBKS
Decimal: 18
Total Volume: 550,000.00 MNBKS
Treasury — 220,000 (40% — liquidity, etc.)
Team — 110,000 (20%)
Private sale, auction sale / marketing — 220,000 (40% — private investors, airdrops, bounty and marketing / operations)

The site of the company

2.About the team? Why are you working with them and where are they the best?

The company has a team of professional specialists. The company consists of highly motivated and experienced professionals in many areas of financial activity. Due to the regulatory uncertainty of DeFi, the founding members are semi-anonymous. The average type of customers ranges from individual online entrepreneurs to banks and financial corporations ready to save their savings during the global crisis. The favorable conditions provided by the company allow the growing user to safely make transactions on a secure system and earn money from mining pools.
The economic policy of the company conducts a number of measures to introduce its products of the company’s investment token as a bounty company and an airdrop.
The development of the company’s economic policy is designed to fulfill a specific goal of introducing its products and services to the masses of ordinary users and availability.The airdrop is designed for 2000 participants, for a distribution amount of only 50,000 MNBKS.
distribution will take place in the last week of April 2021.
Distribution link —

To take part in the bounty of the company, which directly gives the participants the opportunity to earn a token and get acquainted with the company if they wish to invest.

3. What income? On what period? What are the results?

An ordinary user can get twice as much income on the platform itself as others. The pool of MNBKS-ETH UNI-V2 LP tokens gives more tokens per day. The use of the pool is not limited in time and the contribution from both the minimum and the user’s request. guarantors of the project with the support of blockchain capital, calvin liu, parafi
, stani kuleshov, gaorgiy lambeth. Determine your terms yourself according to your needs. Withdrawals are made on request and guaranteed payment. The result is positive.

4. In whose name is the account opened?

For security reasons, the company does not provide anonymous services. All transactions require verification of their identity. In order to avoid controversial issues from the company, interested parties can conveniently pass verification and work in the company’s system.

5 How does the company advertise the project and its token product?

MoniBooks conducts direct marketing and news of the company through open sources in social networks like twitter, telegram, in a medium. You can directly contact the administration and ask questions of interest about the company and their work.


6 What do you recommend for working on the project?

First of all, there is no intention to convince. Just some advice to be financially literate
Financial literacy is the ability to manage your own or family’s money. This implies at least the following:
- know how much money you spend and earn,
- draw up a financial plan for a month and a year,
- to postpone,
- invest.
Why is it important to do this?
You will keep yourself and your loved ones safe by performing these actions on a regular basis.
In a crisis, things only get worse: the country’s economy collapses, enterprises are closed, and, therefore, the likelihood of being unemployed increases. But the costs are not going anywhere.
Another benefit of financial literacy is that it helps you achieve your goals. When you have a clear financial plan, then you have an understanding of how much money you need to save to get what you want.
That is, financial literacy has many benefits in life.
The company makes it possible to earn money by making a contribution and choose a suitable work plan.

Let’s give an example of trading on the project platform, stacks and odds

Poliswap DeFi00
POLI / ETH pair
Exchange rate
55555: 1
$ 0.0285 1º
SBP / ETH pair
Exchange rate
100,000: 1
$ 0.0158

PSYNT / ETH pair
Exchange rate
1000: 1
5808 dollars

WBS / ETH pair
Exchange rate
5000: 1
$ 0.3162

BRDS / ETH pair
Exchange rate
5000: 1
$ 0.3162

Litentry (LIT)
LlT / ETH pair
Exchange rate
5500: 1
$ 0.2874

NEBO / ETH pair
Exchange rate
200: 1
USD 7.9039

Selling MoniBooks
MNBKS / ETH pair
Exchange rate
1500: 1
US $ 1.0539
SFA / ETH pair
Exchange rate
19469.9998: one
$ 0.0812

A short objective overview of the project prepared by

forum member bitcoin talk Leocaspis

Objective Information about the MoniBooks Project (MNBKS) is written using open source material and graphics.

erc-20 wallet address ETH : 0x7D25DA03cdA798846068959E50F983373FFA6BcA

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